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Exploring Ames: Round 1

Posted by admin on May 7, 2012

Today I checked out some new (to me) bike paths within Ames.

Here's the route:




In general, the route is pretty flat.  We don't have much for hills in Ames so aside from a few short sections, the route is dominated by false-flats.  The worst climbs were immediately after turning off North Dakota, riding north on Hyland, and the short spur north of the acquatic center where the path forks towards the high school.

I was disappointed to see that the bridge over squaw creek was closed and hopefully it will reopen before too long.  My initial plan was to continue south along the path, past the veterinary medicine campus, to Airport Road and then begin my way back west.

Most of the ride was on sidewalks and bike paths.  These surfaces were generally very good.  Riding along South 4th, however, was not pleasant due to the "speed bumps" from tree roots and poor interfaces between the path and the roads.  I'd suggest riding on the street along this section rather than the sidewalk.