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New Headlight

Posted by rgrandin on April 15, 2012

I took my bike out for a quick ride tonight to test out the new headlight I got for my birthday (thanks, Mom & Dad!).  The new light worked great and the improvement was pretty impressive.


First, a picture showing how the previous light worked.

Old light.

The picture quality is poor (a small point-and-shoot camera just doesn't have the dynamic range required to capture what the eye can see here), but its obvious that my previous light didn't do much to illuminate the path in front of me.


Now, let's look at the new light on its "low" setting.

New light on

 It's not great, but it's definitely better.


Now let's look at the new light on "high" (there is a "medium" setting, but I'll let you fill in the blanks on that one).

New light -

Much better!


The new light also has a "boost" setting which is brighter than "high".

New light -

Fantastic!  It looks even better in person.


I took these pictures on the bike path behind the middle school.  The path winds through hay fields and gets very dark...an ideal place to test the new light.  I also rode the path where it is next to Mortensen.  When the light was on its "high" setting I could still just see it on the pavement in front of me even with oncoming traffic (car headlights can be viscious on a bike).  When the light was on "boost" I could clearly see the pavement in front of me regardless of if a car's headlights were working against me or not.  When riding in an area with street lights, the "low" and "medium" settings sufficed.

After this first ride, this light looks to be very helpful for any pre-dawn or post-sunset riding.