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16 June 2007- Amsterdam (take 3) & Delft with Uncle Al

Posted by admin on June 16, 2007

My Uncle Al was in Holland this past week for a business trip and he spent is first day in Europe with me in Amsterdam and Delft. I met him at Schipol airport and we first ventured into Amsterdam to see a few sights there that I hadn't been able to see yet.

Our first stop was the Anne Frank house. We were able to go through the Secret Annex above her father's business where she and her family hid from the Nazi's during WWII. I remember reading the Diary of Anne Frank in junior high and it was an eery feeling to be standing where all those events took place. The objective distance between Amsterdam and I back when I was in Oneida no longer existed. The feeling reminded me of what it was like to be on the battlefield at Gettysburg or walking amongst the cabins of Valley Forge. The museum had videos playing in several of the rooms, all of which were recorded narratives from those close to Anne (her father, Otto, some of his employees who provided them with supplies during their time in hiding, and a family friend who saw Anne in the concentration camp).

Uncle Al and I also visited Rembrandt's house, on the opposite side of the city center from the Secret Annex. Both of us had been under the impression that Rembrandt was best-known for his paintings, however most of his work on display in his house were etchings in copper plates. Many of the paintings on display were from the other masters of his day. I was very impressed at how much detail Rembrandt could convey with his metal plates, and how real some of the etchings appeared. I definitely enjoyed looking at his artwork since it tried to depict things as they actually appeared rather than try to be impressionistic.

After Rembrandt's house Uncle Al and I came back to Delft, where I showed him my appartment and part of the city. We walked over to the north side of the TU Delft campus, to where the library is, since the library is an interesting bit of architecture (it's under the hill). After that we walked up towards the city center, walking through residential neighborhoods along the way. I had never been in this area of Delft before and it was very nice. The houses and canal were very picturesque.

We made our way back to the city center and had dinner at an Italian restaurant on the square. After dinner we strolled around the square for a little while, eventually ending up back at the train station. It had been a long day for Uncle Al so we parted ways and he got on the train to head back to his hotel.

The day was very enjoyable. Not only did I get to see Uncle Al (he also brought me some American candy that I can't get over here), but I also got to see some new parts of Delft and a few more landmarks in Amsterdam. This day was a needed break from studying.