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7 April 2007 - Nearly finished with finals

Posted by admin on April 7, 2007

Finals week is done, so I only have one exam separating me from two months of relaxation. Unfortunately this remaining exam fits two dreadful criteria:

  1. It's on my birthday...and that just sucks no matter what class it is. 
  2. The instructor has the super-human ability to put half the class to sleep within 3 minutes of beginning lecture...so his minimal teaching skills have left all of us in the class to teach the material to ourselves

I think that my first four exams went well, though. Ironically, the exams for my 3rd-year courses have been easier than my 2nd-year exam. None of the exams have had difficult material on them, it's just hard to remember all the formulas. Nearly every engineering class in the states either provides students with a complete equation sheet, or students are allowed to bring in some amount of personal notes. We were provided nothing to this effect for my Dynamics & Stability exam, and we only got an integral table for Vibrations of Aerospace Structures. I don't see much of a benefit from being forced to memorize so many equations. It seems as if this encourages "cramming", which always leads to quickly forgetting the formulas and skills learned in the course.

Spring is arriving here in the Netherlands, and it's really nice to see the trees starting to leaf-out. My desk looks out over the courtyard to the west of my high-rise and I'm excited for the trees to get leafy enough to block the late-afternoon sun. Along with emerging leaves, many of the trees are full of blossoms and the flowers are coming into bloom. To add to that, the construction to the north of my building appears to be nearing completion, which will make nearly everything around my building start to look better.

It appears as if the construction to the north was mainly a big landscaping project. I'm not sure what was there before, but now there is a new walkway paralleling the canal, and a couple pavilion areas have been added in as well. They haven't planted anything in the bare soil yet, but the ground appears to be ready for planting. Like most of the sidewalks and streets in this city, the new path along the canal is paved with bricks. The only non-brick streets here are the major, heavily-used roads. Nearly everything is brick.

The brick streets appear to be in generally good condition, too. They don't seem to be nearly as annoying to ride my bike over as the old streets in Galesburg would be. One of the convenient aspects of having brick streets and paths is that if you need to put up a roadblock all you have to do is pull up a couple bricks and drive a post into the sand. No A-frame supports required.

Well, I need to start some studying. Have a great weekend, everyone!