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8 April 2007 - Happy Easter!

Posted by admin on April 8, 2007

Being as I wrote yesterday, not much has happened since then (contrary to popular stereotypes of crazy European experiences). Four of us Iowa Staters (Mitch, Rowena, Jasmine, and I) decided to attend a Dutch church service today, so we headed down to the town square shortly after 10 am. The services at the "New Church" (new is in "" because it's still 500 years old...it's just not as old as the "Old Church") were at 10 am and 5 pm, so we missed the morning service (it was 10:20 when we arrived at the square). While deciding what we wanted to do next, we heard church bells from the Catholic church behind us and decided to head there; hence, my first experience at a Catholic mass was entirely incomprehensible.

I wasn't surprised by the Latin...but everything that wasn't in Latin was in Dutch. Luckily all the hyms were in Latin. I don't think that the "ich" sound is so prevalent in Dutch would sound good. It would probably kill the musicality of the songs. The combination of the service being in two foreign languages, the service being Catholic, and its being Easter Sunday, the whole experience was rather intimidating. I have a newfound appreciation for the more "down-to-earth" approach to religion that I'm used to.

I spent about 4 hours this afternoon biking around Delft and the surrounding countryside. (Pictures) Upon my return, I put my route into Google Earth and discovered that I covered about 15.5 miles this afternoon on my bike. My thighs are going to scream tomorrow morning. Biking felt really good, though. Hopefully once finals get done I'll be able to spend some more time enjoying the beautiful weather we're having here. It was about 60 degrees today, by the way. Take that, Midwest. Having nice days has helped me study (by avoiding the "it's crappy weather outside so I don't want to do anything" syndrome), and I hope that it continues for a while longer. It'd be a shame to have another stretch of weeks on end of rain.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It's been great to relax a little bit after completing 4 out of my 5 finals, but I now have to get my stuff together and buckle down for one last exam. After Friday I'll be able to chill for the next two months...well, sorta. I apologize for not writing much this past quarter. I hope to write more during my final 3 months (actually, I'm writing this early in the morning of April 9th which is 3 months to the day until I come home). I'm working on getting several trips planned, so I don't think I'll have any shortage of material to write about. As for the motivation to write, no guarantees...